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Want to be the change you would like to see in America? Create a group to end extremism, hate, and violence for your community or on a particular issue

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Facebook Groups


Create your very own Facebook group to end extremism, hatred and violence. You can communicate with your group and the public, organize events, and host your group’s page in a central online location. Make sure to register your Facebook Group with EndX in a central online location.



Have a big group of people interested in ending extremism, hatred and violence? Mailchimp is an email platform that lets you to design and send messages to a large list of people. Don’t forget to include info @ endx.org in your list of updates and events!



Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world.



Wiggio is a free online toolkit for group organization that allows you to send emails, text, and voice messages, poll your members, and keep a shared calendar of all meetings and events. Make sure to register your Group with EndX events.

Events and Eventbrite

Events.com Eventbrite.com

Want to host an event to end extremism, hatred and violence? Events.com and Eventbrite are free, online platforms for creating and sharing events. Don’t forget to let us know about your event at info @ endx.org!

Google and Yahoo Groups

groups.google.com groups.yahoo.com

Using a Google Group is a fast, free, and easy way to share information about ending extremism with your community. Make sure to register your Google Group with EndX!



Mobilize is a group communication platform designed to help nonprofits organize and communicate with their networks. Mobilize to end extremism, hatred and violence today!

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