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Be the Change You Want to See With EndX

EndX is your space to recapture America’s core values of inclusivity, tolerance, pluralism, and a firm belief that everyone belongs.

America has seen a shocking increase in hateful rhetoric and violent extremist acts, threatening the very essence of our society. Those ready to stand against messages of hate and violence must mobilize around an alternative narrative: inclusiveness and tolerance are core American values. EndX is a platform to educate, connect, and mobilize around that narrative.

The internet has become a powerful tool for hate groups. Violent extremists, white supremacists and terrorists all use social media platforms - created to be a source of information sharing and positive connection - for their own nefarious gains. Extremist groups are also using our community spaces to preach hate.

We need to fight back. With EndX, you can create the change you want to see in your communities. No one can do it alone. EndX brings together leaders in marketing, technology and media to connect with you to create the most effective platform to defeat hate, extremism and violence. Your voice is the most credible one to stand up for our country, and, with a message louder than the message of extremism and hate, promote our American values of tolerance and inclusion.

The EndX campaign has three main components: Educate, Connect, and Mobilize.


EndX provides you with information and data so you can better understand the trend lines of extremism and hate crimes. By arming you with the facts, you are better able to engage in dialogue that will create the alternative narrative needed in America today.


EndX users are passionate about creating a space for inclusion and belonging. EndX connects you to resources, including existing organizations already working on the issues you care about, so you can join them and be part of the solution.


EndX offers strategies on how to be effective to fight all forms of extremism, and connects you to individuals and groups countering hate and violence. You can find a group, register your group, or create your own group, finding like-minded individuals based on cause or geography.

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